Cat Chemotherapy Side Effects

24 Jun

Oliver has been on such an up until recently.  Last Thursday he decided he did not want to eat anymore.  I could not get him to look at any food.  I tried everything.  I did not force anything on him because he was due for his next chemotherapy session the following day.  I dropped him off at the vet’s office before work, and picked him up during my lunch hour.

The ride home was quiet.  He did not cry or do anything.  He still was not feeling well, but I was hoping by the next morning he would be back to his happy self again.  By Tuesday night, he took a real downward spiral.  I could not get him to eat or give him the prednisone.  He did not want to be near anyone.

I honestly thought this was it.  I called the vet and went in that night.  We were there until about 9:30pm.  The vet went through his blood work, and said it is showing great.  He did a physical exam and checked his gums.  He said we could give him a vitamin and prednisone injection to make him feel better.  We also ended up force-feeding him some food.

I took Oliver home, and he stayed in his carrier most the night.  At some point, he came out and threw up the food we gave him at the doctor’s office.  That following night Oliver was very lethargic and not eating much.  I had to hand feed him, and he would take a few bites.  I also switched treats where I was hiding the pills to him. Since I started using another soft treat with the pills, he is taking his meds again.  I slipped in there some mirtazapine to stimulate his appetite.  He still at this point did not have much of an appetite.  I brought out Lucy’s food again to see if he would eat this.  He ate a small amount of it.  I felt better to see him eat something.

As of last night and this morning, his appetite seems to be increasing again.  Something has been weird though.  I think something is happening with his hind legs.  They seem to be weak, and he seems to be off-balance some.  I have been looking online to see what this could be.

The only thing that I have come up with is diabetes.  That is not it though.  All the blood work and exams would have shown this by now.  One thing I saw was a lack of potassium could cause this.  That would make sense because he barely ate anything for days.

This morning he was walking around some.  More than he has for days now.  I hope when I get home in the next hour is back to his normal happy-self.  Now the weekend is here, I can monitor and make sure he is eating a lot.  Ugh, I want to go home now. I miss him so much.

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2 Responses to “Cat Chemotherapy Side Effects”

  1. Carol June 28, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    Hang in there. There will be ups and downs. You will frequently think “oh no, this is it” and then they will turn the corner and prove you wrong. Sometimes other things unrelated to the cancer/chemo will creep in and wreak havoc for awhile.

    Thinking of you and Oliver.

    • Jacquelyn Marks June 28, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

      Thank you. It’s so hard when he has hard moments because his good moments are amazing. Things are getting a little more rough right now. I am going to post an update tonight.

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